Basil plant flowering - Basil is normally found in garden centers and supermarkets as potted plant from May until September. Instead, we can find all year in outbreaks seasoning in supermarkets and specialty stores… Properties of basil are many. If you intend to dry, it is recommended to do so in bunch just before flowering when [...]


Holy basil is a popular medicinal herb used to treat several disorders, such as bronchitis, stomach ache, insect stings and bites, fever, and flue gases. When growth conditions holy basil seeds are favorable, this aromatic plant can reach a height of 91 cm and is decorated with purple flowers. Propagation Sowing the holy basil seeds [...]


I dedicate it to them because it makes them look forward to grow their basil plant indoors and yet they resist them a bit different. Were filled with bugs or die the first thing to think about is that basil plant indoors, like other plants (and all living things, including people. Also keep in mind [...]


To plant watermelons in the planting pots can be an option when you are not available or the garden does not have enough space. We explain below how planting pots for watermelons in the planting pots. Let’s put a watermelon plant in a planter, with the intention that the stems fall to the ground and [...]


Everyone has dreamed of having a beautiful, lush green garden. However, reality is imposing its criteria as lack of time and lack of resources and ends up spoiling with such beautiful dream. It is also possible that not everything he thought skilful. Here are good advices to planting a garden for beginners. What do you [...]


Containers of wood work in almost any garden setting, proper seal planters can keep wooden planter boxes to look beautiful. Instructions Choose the type of sealer you want to use. Secure sealants plants exist, but must be applied in a regular way. A simpler option is a commercial sealer, which will last longer. Apply sealant [...]


One way to celebrate arrival of summer is to install window planter boxes of houses. For a small fee, they embellish exterior and add color to facades of buildings. Range is wide when it comes to choose flowers that will fill boxes. We must consider whether against them will be placed in shade or in [...]


Plant hangers is a practical, not only show them, but also to keep plant off ground, also closer to a light source such as a window with sunshine. Plant hangers are available in most garden stores like simple plastic holders that attach to edge of pots. Sometimes, they are not practical when you want a [...]


Disney outdoor decorations – Decorating a garden is something that is mandatory and very interesting. why it is mandatory ?? before discussing decorating, we will discuss about the importance of a park and why we should decorate it. Home is where the most beautiful, even the safest most convenient for us. A house is also [...]


Potted vegetable garden – A wide variety of vegetable crops such as cabbage, mustard greens, tomatoes, peppers and other types of agricultural commodities has become necessary for everyone, especially for cooking. Cultivation of these plants does require technique and extensive gardens to the results obtained can be maximized. If you want to grow vegetables but [...]